Get to know Bisedge: Leaders in sustainable logistics


Sunray Ventures — an emerging markets green technology-enabled venture builder — set up Bisedge Logistics in 2020 to provide reliable material handling services to large companies in West Africa.

Moving materials on and off trucks was a major headache for companies. All forklift service operators were informal. They lacked professional staff and did not perform regular maintenance.

Bisedge introduced the first of its kind service package in Nigeria: a fully outsourced electric forklift service that included a trained operator and preventive maintenance for only a flat monthly fee.

But the electric forklifts were only the starting point.


At Bisedge, we have a bold mission: to electrify the movement of goods and materials in Africa to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

To achieve this, we are building the end-to-end green logistics services provider in Africa. With our electric equipment leasing services, companies can move their goods from Port to Factory to the end Customer — sustainably and cost-effectively.

We are a growing company of 750 logistics professionals.

Since 2020, we have moved more than 5,000,000 pallets, offset more than 10,000 tons of carbon emissions, and worked with 6 leading blue chip companies in Africa.


We are dedicated to delivering solutions tailored for Africa to drive uptime of more than 90%  and drive down the total cost of equipment ownership.

Partner in operations

We help companies maximize efficiency and reduce costs in their material and cargo handling operations.

Service not sales

We provide fully outsourced equipment leasing services, not just sales. We run client operations efficiently to maximize cost savings and value creation.

Carbon neutrality through electrification

We are an end-to-end green logistics service provider. Clients can stay confident knowing that their logistics are green and carbon neutral.

Building Africa’s sustainable logistics workforce

We are committed to building Africa’s green logistics workforce. We invest in training and the career development of our employees.

Gender Equality

We believe that a diverse team is a strong team. We have committed to recruiting and training female equipment operators in partnership with UNIDO. By 2024, we aim to hire women for 20% of our roles.

Technology enabled

Technology is key to our operations. We use digital tools to provide real time monitoring and preventative maintenance to optimize our operations.