Linde Appoints Bisedge as Exclusive Partner in Nigeria

Published by - Bisedge Logistics
September 27, 2020

Aschaffenburg, Germany/Lagos, Nigeria, 27 September 2020 – The Nigerian Product-as-a-Service provider Bisedge Limited becomes the local partner of Linde Material Handling, a globally operating intralogistics specialist headquartered in Germany. Bisedge will be responsible for the import and maintenance of all Linde Material Handling equipment in Nigeria.

The German manufacturer as well as solutions and service providing company Linde Material Handling wants to open up a market in Nigeria. As a local partner, Bisedge will be responsible for the import and servicing of all Linde Material Handling equipment in Nigeria. Already today, the Linde forklift brand is very well established in Nigerian consumer goods and industrial companies.

Both companies share the goal of localising value chains. This enables large-scale enterprises to produce more sustainably and cost-effectively. Linde Material Handling and Bisedge will therefore focus on providing premium equipment at attractive costs of ownership and especially promoting Linde electric forklifts.

Dr. Bernhard Koehler, Member of the Executive Board of Bisedge Limited and its parent company Sunray Ventures: “We are very pleased to have closed this partnership agreement with Linde Material Handling. Our commitment is to invest in local logistics chains, reducing the cost of material handling, while improving the sustainability of operations for all our clients across Nigeria.

”Christophe Lautray, Member of the Executive Board of Linde Material Handling states: “Linde Material Handling has been a reliable, innovative partner for companies from nearly all industries for over 50 years offering high quality forklifts trucks and warehouse equipment. We have decided to invest in the Nigerian market as we strongly believe in the prospects of the local market and in our ability to support leading Nigerian companies in becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly in their operations. We are pleased to have found with Bisedge Limited a local partner that shares our core values and the commitment to our customers: high performance, efficient solutions and long-term reliability of our equipment in the toughest environments.